No Man’s Sky Beyond is downloading!

I been wanting a VR update in No Man’s Sky for ages, and we not only got that, but a massive amount more! And I will no longer need to keep trying to find mods that increase stack size which end up breaking anyway. Stacks are now up to 10,000! Just a small bump!

The whole update looks amazing though. Downloading now and going to try it for a little bit before I head off to the gym in about an hour. But man, this update looks so crazy gooooooood!

Daredevil Season 3 Complete!

Past couple years I have been on a mission to watch every single movie and show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Daredevil season 3 has been completed. Which also means, I am closing in on finishing up! It has been an awesome journey so far!

I can see why people want a season 4 so badly now, as well. They really could have done a lot more, it would have been great! But, oh well. It was a great show, and at least 1 lead villain got an ending. Although, we could wonder just how long that would have lasted anyway.

Next on the list is Runaways Season 2, but sadly I no longer have access to Hulu right now. So I will be skipping it (for now) and moving forward. Mainly just movies are left! I do still have to watch the final season of Jessica Jones but I watched that one out of order so I could watch it with my niece. We will be starting up that final season this coming weekend!

I am actually a little sad that this journey is coming to an end. Or at least, the binge watching part! I am sure more will come. Will see though.


If you randomly found this page, welcome! I decided to stop using Facebook but I love sharing my thoughts! So I made a website! What all will go here? So much random. From my love of pro-wrestling, to gaming, to hobbies, to game development stuff, to TV shows and movies….. anything and everything!

Since the website just got built today, there is not much too it yet! I will actually grow it as I add more posts. Add categories and menus as I need to. So right now it is pretty plain Jane!

Anyhoot! That is all I shall post on for now! Until next time!