Oh hey, I have a blog

I kinda forgot about this place due to being so much into learning game development, and also finishing up a few single player games.

I kind of have a different route I want to take Universe Defender at some point, but it wouldn’t be a Web game after that. But I still have a long ways to go before I can really put in my ideas.

Also working on a 2D game that may be my first official release at some point in the far future.

Been having a great couple months all in all. Feeling a bit better physically, and my health insurance while on disability is being awesome. Giving me a lot more for 2020 so I can get the vitamins and other medicine I need throughout the year to stay healthy. Cheers to them!

Done with Christmas shopping finally, but not doing much until the 29th which is when the family is getting together.

What else….

Oh, I started up Gotham on Netflix finally. I been recommended that show for years now. Wish I had started it up sooner, but considering it ended I can now binge watch it as much as I want without having to wait for another season. I call that a win!

Nothing else is really going on…. just spending more money on game development lessons and assets and having a great time. It has been nice.

Happy Holidays.