Another Universe Defender Update!

Been a little bit as I have been learning a lot! There won’t be an update right now, but I am learning some different methods for doing the Singleton method (if you know C#/Unity, you know what I am talking about) so revamped that from what the course originally taught me. In testing, I got the currency to save from game over to playing the game again but the score resets back to 0 along with the gameplay (intended!).

I don’t plan to keep it that way, this was strictly for testing purposes as I don’t currently have it set up to save upgrades as I don’t have upgrades yet, so this was the best way to do testing before I really delved into that area.

I also have plans for a game that I will start working on very soon, but that will be quite a few months before it sees the light of day, if not longer. But it will be my first game that I actually sell (hopefully!).

I will keep you all updated! Thank you for following my progress. 🙂

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