Universe Defender Update

First off! Yes, I will post about other stuff at times as well! I really want the main page on this site to be a static page which links to my different blog topic areas. But I am lazy. But Game Development is all I been doing lately aside from some World of Warcraft as well.

But I haven’t uploaded updates yet because there hasn’t been any. I am still learning new things, but also thinking about a lot with it. Right now the “Play Again” screen is a completely separate Scene in Unity from the main game. I actually want to combine it into the main game scene, have the game pause when you die to bring up that screen with the currency shop, then unpause and restart the waves when you go back.

With it combining into the main game scene it will make persistent progress much easier to handle on my end. Especially since this is just a 1 sitting game.

I also need to figure out a UI setup for the shop screen. I haven’t learned a whole lot with that yet.

Anyhoot! Nothing else new to report. I really appreciate any interest in my game development journey! Cheers!

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