Universe Defender 0.1 Update

Currency now drops! I was originally going to have them drop as powerups, but I really realized just how much currency is the biggest part of progression. So I didn’t want players getting super frustrated trying to get currency drops they need but with the random shooting of enemies completely miss a lot of it. So, they now add automatically after each enemy kill.

I have it set up in a highly configurable way. I can change how much of each currency each enemy type can drop and how rare. It will even be simple for me to go in and if you spend currency to up the drop chance of currency, it will be a very simple variable change that the scripting will do.

You currently can’t spend the currency. This part may take a bit longer to figure out. I actually got a new UI system in the backend but haven’t used it yet. I really need to learn the system and how it works first. So there won’t be an ETA on the version that allows you to spend currency, but I at least got in how it will look and how the drops work.

I also nerfed a lot of numbers from the player health and shield, damage numbers from enemies, and how much powerups heal you for. The bigger enemy has even less health now as well.

Thank you for your interest in my game. 🙂


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