Universe Defender! My first real game!

Well….. the game I am actually going to expand and grow. But don’t expect a lot! (Oh, and hi btw!).

Some background on the game: I started on the space shooter called “Laser Defender” on the 2D courses from Ben Tristem on the Udemy website. If you have taken the courses, then Universe Defender will look very familiar. But it is growing beyond that course because it got me very excited!

The game will be rogue-like. But it won’t have the ability to save your progress as it is fully web based (for now?). Basically it will be to see how far you can get (with upgrades and score) in 1 sitting. So not a whole lot to it, but I am learning a lot with it and having fun which is what matters! I just hope some players will enjoy it as well.

As of this posting you have health and a shield. You fight infinite waves of enemies and when you die it is game over and you get your score. So how will it evolve?

I would like to add currency drops to the enemies. If you have to get them like the current powerups or just automatically added randomly after each enemy kill is undecided. But there will be 3 different types of currency ranging from Common, Uncommon and Rare. With that currency you can upgrade your health, damage, shield, etc…. The rarer the currency, the better upgrades you can do. But any currency that you do not spend before trying again will be lost forever.

So that is the jist of the game. And whats that you say? You want to try it now? Fine. Here is the link. 🙂 http://www.okerlundblog.com/UniverseDefender/ – Hold space to shoot, WASD or arrows to moves. Blue powerups is your shield, Green is health. It will not increase those values past your maximum.

I highly suggest a 1920×1080 resolution screen as the game is NOT resizable in the browser at this time (press F11 to fullscreen your browser!). It also won’t work on mobile phones, sorry!

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