Game Development!

I put in my very first blog post that I would also be posting about my game development stuff. Right now I mostly just prototype with some instructors online. I been working VERY hard on it for a bit over a month now, over 10 hours a day a lot of the time with a break every few days.

I started on my own prototype today. I hope it will eventually convert into an actual game over the next few months and years. I have so many ideas for a game, something that is fairly unique not just with how it works, but also the story.

I am not great at creating story. I can do good concepts, but when it comes to writing what NPCs will say and how you can respond? Well, that will be rough but who knows who I may meet between now and then. I wouldn’t mind assistance later on down the line to those interested.

I do plan on posting the prototype on here as a download if anyone ever wants to see what I been up to. I will update when that becomes available.


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